Managers chose CALAO Systems to get :

  • Shortest Time To Market
  • Best cost
  • Lower Risk
  • Strategic independency
  • Low power, Environmental care and cost saving:  
  • Industrial standard
  • Guaranteed longevity of supply
  • Capacity of high volume production
  • Design for Security

Why choosing a CALAO Systems Platform:

CALAO Systems platforms are  designed to match the requirements of the most demanding customers and application and share the following benefits:

    • Shorten your critical Time To Market thanks to:
      • Systems Platforms are available for immediate prototyping, development or production
      • System platforms includes a rich set of pre-installed features, Interfaces from legacy to the most advanced and an outstanding list of expansion module including Cellular Communication, Connectivity, Sensors and I/O  to provides application-ready solution for a large range of products and applications.
      • Complete SW Linux packages, are pre-installed in memory (NAND Flash or e-MMC).
    • Best cost:  
      • Thank to our facility and pour Partners for to High volume sourcing and production, the scale of the platform approach allows to minimize the components cost even for small volume.
    • Lower Risk:
      • Fully qualified building blocks integrated together in a System platform allows to design variants or custom products with the lowest risk.
    • Strategic independency:
      • Professional Linux Open source SW suite to preserve your strategic independence. boards Software packs  are pushed to Barebox, Linux and  Buildroot mainline to guaranty long term maintenance.
    • Low power, Environmental care and cost saving:  
      • System Platforms are based with proven low power architectures processor from ARM and are designed in a continuous concern to minimize power consumption at system level, satisfying the highest constraint of applications.
    • Industrial standard:
      • Small form factor and lightweight; either in industry standard and in customer-specific form-factors
      • Guaranteed longevity of supply and capacity of high volume production
    • Security:
      • Any of our solution is able to benefit from our security expertise.
    • And much more: our team can develop customized, or dedicated solution with your specific requirements, including boards, software and  casing