Security: Protect your Data and Systems.



CALAO Systems develops and manufactures leading Embedded Computing Systems based on leading edge ARM processors and open source Linux software integrating state of the art Connectivity,  Communications, Security Technologies with rich software libraries.

The growth of Cyber-attack on Internet connected System is due, to evolving external threats. System today aren’t just facing a single attacker but organized, well-funded adversaries orchestrating multiple attacks on the same targets with diverse techniques. Connected System are extremely vulnerable to attacks for several reasons:

      • Internet access is the open door for outside access to your system
      • Some of the communication are Wireless easing malicious listening or substitution.
      • Most of processor don’t have the computing resource to implement necessary complex schemes supporting security.


Most of Systems are implementing protections with the help of cryptographic method and protocols. But the effectiveness of such barrier are under discussion when motivated hackers or organization break them getting access to your system, ripping off your sensitive Data or taking, not for the best, control of your system.

Modern protection techniques further increase the computing capacity required and efficient security solution requires extensive  computing with  hardware acceleration that minimize the time taken for massive cross-checks and their impact on the activities’ actual execution times

To answer to this concern you certainly have about security CALAO systems is designing all its platform with the latest security technics as Secure bootHW Accelerated encryption, hash function, anti-cloning, code protection, external data transfers that rise the Security level of your products  to the next level, Securing YOUR DATA and YOUR SYSTEM.


Dedicated secure solutions: Your tailor-made protection

For the most demanding CALAO Systems designs efficient security solutions combining a mix of software and additional FPGA hardware to boost even more the execution of the power hungry security tasks. Depending of your requirements, the protection can go up to the physical isolation of your sensitive Data and even ultimately to the destruction of their access.

But please, let’s talk together in private and confidentiality about such sensitive implementation.