Embedded Software: Your IoT foundation.




Internet has been a revolution for the industry.  Now we are in the midst of the convergence of physical things with the world of the internet currently called M2M and  The Internet of Things (IoT).  Most of company are going to this transformation building a global system of IP-connected computer networks, sensors, actuators, machines, and devices. For some of them merging this physical world with the virtual world of the internet and software enables the creation of new services that are founded on web-based business models.

CALAO Systems aims to carry you in this transformation process. We understand that your problematic and project is unique. Your ecosystem,  your legacy, your business constraints and many more that are yours,  are unique.  Evolution in the physical world takes longer than in the internet world, because there is a huge installed base and a lot of investment in real hardware, which requires a solid business case. The purpose of CALAO Systems is not to sell you a brand new business model but  associated with an ecosystem of partners we aims to build your adequate IoT project  and  in regards of the expertise of CALAO Systems, its to build it first on solid Embedded system Foundations.

CALAO Systems’ foundations are leading Embedded Computing Systems based on leading edge ARM processors and open source Linux software integrating state of the art  Technologies with rich software libraries.  CALAO Systems is definitively committed to Linux open source because on top of sharing cool stuff with developers it provide the best reliability and it guaranty you a strategic independence.  Our solid foundation includes complete BSP and drivers that are pushed in mainline to guaranty long term maintenance and that are pre-install in memory.
On top of the Linux operating systems we integrate components like protocols, JVM and OSGI based Frameworks that wraps the complexity of low level device management with high level constructs. This approach permits simpler and faster programming, with transparent portability across different hardware platforms providing a efficient device abstraction. Then depending of your project,  within our ecosystem, we can assemble the building blocks required , to interconnect the distributed systems of devices and sensors with your IT infrastructures and build your full IOT services and applications.