Cellular Communication: Install Everywhere.




    • CALAO Systems develops and manufactures leading Embedded Computing Systems based on leading edge ARM processors and open source Linux software integrating state of the art Communications Technologies with rich software libraries.
    • The ability to monitor and manage remotely assets in real-time without any cable for installing, holds many benefits. Integrating wireless communications can improve device functionality, facilitate better and faster decision-making, enhance services and reduce costs. It can also take you down an unfamiliar path of selecting carriers, certifications, hardware, and solution integration, which all play a role in cost-effectiveness, time-to-market, and the amount of risks at stake.
    • CALAO Systems experience and its partnership with Ericsson and Techship will provide the essentials know how to get you determine the best solution.
    • CALAO Systems will help you first to select your Cellular technologies. Whether you select 2G (GSM, CDMA), 3G (UMTS, HSPA, EVDO) or 4G (LTE) depends on many factors, some are technical as the amount of data transferred and the time window, but also some will be about  your certification strategy and your exposure to essential IPR fees, finally few others could be determined by which mobile operator or MVNO you intend to use, their coverage area and the geographic locations in which your solution will be deployed.
    • Please contact CALAO Systems for further.