• On line
  • Dedicated Support service for the success of  your project


  • Ruggedized product
  • Product hardening for Harsh environment
  • BOM optimization of our Platform system

Product Development and engineering

You  get access at  CALAO Systems expertise, at the high technology building blocks and at its partners ecosystem through it’s Product development and engineering Service that will cover the full cycle of your product.

    • Innovation

At the heart of the high-tech micro, nanotechnologies and embedded system, the Grenoble’ innovation ecosystem, CALAO Systems is the right partner for your innovation providing the following services:

      • Technology watch, Technical benchmark, Technical feasibility.
      • Innovation Strategies, Consultancy, Market analysis  and  Ecosystem relationship.
    • Project Consultancy

      • Product specification, Architecture systems, R&D strategies, Project management, Coordination and reference interface, Industrial and Technologies ecosystem management.
    • Project Management

      • Project management, coordination and reference interface, Industrial and Technologies ecosystem management.
    • Product development
      • System design
        • Electronic design
        • Software design  (Linux)
        • FPGA firmware development
        • Electronic prototype
        • Mechanical prototype
      • Prototype
      • Manufacturing and test
      • Sourcing (Cost , long term life cycle,risk,..)
      • Qualification and test
        • Product Quality is a key factor to minimize costs and secure your customer satisfaction.
    • Maintenances and Up-grade
    • Quality Assurance


Trainings and Technologies transfer