ARCHIPEL : The "Internet of Things" Spirit


Toti : LoRaWAN Base Station with Gateway features for M2M and Internet of Things infrastructure-Private Network-Cloud service operator

Telecom carrier grade low investment Base Station for M2M and Internet of Things.

  • Long Range up to 22km in open Field and 2.3km in Urban area.

  • Two way communication.

  • LoRa Class A, B and C capable.

  • Highly accurate localization.

  • Up to 49 Channels.

  • Subscription free ISM radio bands.

  • Robust communication with spread spectrum modulation.

  • Optimized for Battery operated end-point.

Superior Facility Management.

  • Network Management Software.

  • Low Power ARM11, Raspberry PI compatible Linux for applications.

  • Gateway Software framework:

    • Multiple access.

      • WAN: WIFI, 3G,4G.
      • LAN: Fast Ethernet.
    • Possible interface extension : USB, Serial ports, I/Os.

Uncompromised Industrial quality for Outdoor operation.

  • Ruggedized design, professional quality.

  • Extended Temperature range (-20,+70°).

  • Temperature and humidity management.

  • Active Power Over Ethernet.

  • IP66 Enclosure: "dust tight" and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

  • Tiny: 300x220x55. Light weight1800g.