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ATMEL AT91SAM9263 @ 200MHz, Vcore = 1V8 (Block diagram)
256Mbytes NAND flash, 8 Bit wide, Vmem = 3V3
64Mbytes SDRAM, 32 Bit wide, Vmem = 3V3          (USB-A9263-C02)
128Mbytes SDRAM, 32 Bit wide, Vmem = 3V3        (USB-A9263-C12)
64Kbits serial SPI EEPROM, Vmem = 3V3
USB A plug connector
----> to FTDI FT2232D (1x USB 2.0 downstream port, full speed, 12Mbits/s), Power + JTAG + UART DBGU)
USB Stacked A connector
<---- from AT91SAM9263 (2x USB 2.0 host port, full speed, 12Mbits/s,), Power 100 mA max / port
USB Mini B connector
----> to AT91SAM9263 (1x USB 2.0 device port, full speed, 12Mbits/s)
1x Phy Ethernet 10/100 (National Semiconductor DP83848C)
Setup / Debug
1x JTAG, 1x UART DBGU over USB (FTDI FT2232D)
1x 50 pins connector (I2C,Audio, Video )
User Interface
1x Power LED
1x Reset Push Button
1x User Push Button
1x User LED
Bootloader / OS
U-Boot or Barebox / Linux
Development Tools

Mechanicals & Environmental

Mechanical & Environmental


Board size
85 x 36 mm
Power supply voltage
+5V +/-5% via USB port
Power requirement
2.5W max (300mA Core , 200mA available for USB Host Ports + Expansion connector)
0° to 70°C standard (operating), -40° to 85°C (storage)
5% to 95% relative humidity, non condensing
30 grs

Ordering Information

Ordering Information


USB-A9263-C02 / 905-00003-B01
256Mbytes NAND, 64Mbytes SDRAM, 64Kbits EEPROM, Full Option, 0 to 70°C
USB-A9263-C11 / 905-00003-B11
256Mbytes NAND, 128Mbytes SDRAM, 64Kbits EEPROM, Full Option, 0 to 70°C

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