The Enterprise area is reshaped by the rise of the social networking and the internet of things. Enterprises need to revisit their management system and to implement new software's for moving on the road that will drive them from controlled devices, to connected devices, then to managed device , managed operation, managed business and managed services.
The demand for high performance computing , for extensive data storage and analytic, for high level of security, for scalable architecture and  for energy-efficient hardware are reshaping also the Enterprise infrastructure. in this evolution the micro-servers are considered to be one of the most significant innovations for such data center technology.
All these transformations in the Enterprise sectors and innovations are supported by leading-edge technologies that accelerate the development of differentiated micro-server products compliant with requirement of;  data collections, data analysis,  data treatments and applications. Enterprise ecosystem have to be reinforced by new partners able to gather the necessary technologies for building the  adequate solution.


CALAO Systems is bringing its full expertise to ease the access of all these new technologies and deploy them with you in a cost-effective manner. For this purpose CALAO Systems is proposing several ways to satisfy your requirement.


1: System Platforms


    • CALAO Systems develops and markets a family of industry-standard systems platforms that are the basis to develop DEDICATED  Micro servers,  for your Entreprise applications.
    • This range of scalable Systems platforms are aimed  to provide you with all the dedicated products for your data collection and process control with a end to end SECURITY, protecting your equipment and private data, that is required when using Internet as network backbone.
    • Why choosing a CALAO Systems Platform?

2: White-label Solutions

3:Custom products

    • Because most of the time your application have specific requirements you may need a custom solution for a demanding application.  You Are fully in the expertise of CALAO Systems who,  with design services and a close relationship with you, will define, develop and produce the right product with the best time to market, the lowest risk, optimized costs and all guaranties to provide you long term production.
    • See what are the CALAO Systems Custom product services.



CALAO System is totally controlling its product components and lifecycle, in having extremely close partnerships with major component suppliers. Therefore CALAO Systems designs long product availability into all of its solutions from the start, whilst its history into the embedded industrial and communications markets gives to the company  a broad insight into the applications demands. Offering industry paradigm expertise based upon field proven systems, fast track development platforms to speed product time to market, and the security of supply associated with a leading global manufacturer of embedded products, CALAO Systems is an ideal development partner for customer applications needing either System Platforms, White label product and custom solutions.