Company history :


CALAO Systems was founded in January 2007 in Saint Martin Le Vinoux (38 France),  located,  in the French Alps , in the Grenoble area, a leading region for micro, nanotechnologies and embedded software.


Embedded in the ARM  dynamic :

Right from the start, CALAO Systems has been recognized as  reliable supplier of leading-edge Embedded Computing Systems, with strong know how on ARM processors integrated with many Telecom and Electronic Technologies. The winning advantage of the ARM architecture enable CALAO Systems to provide its Customers with the more competitive products for these markets.

CALAO Systems address mainly three kinds of customers:

      • Big names of the industry who rely on the expertise of CALAO Systems for their Electronic system design in order to focus on their market specific applications.
      • Companies who need  to get access at the best cost  to new technologies that are in the expertise of CALAO Systems.
      • Company who are not specialized in Electronic, but that need to develop competitive product and that will benefit from the guidance of CALAO Systems to develop competitive solution leading edge solution  access to high technologies through CALAO Systems.



Operating worldwide, A global presence :

CALAO Systems sells and delivers, up to high volume, reliable and high quality products.


CALAO Systems is delivering  600 customers in more than 40 countries.



Our Focus is your market :


Main customers of CALAO Systems are in the markets :

      • Home and Building control
      • Manufacturing, process automation and robotic.
      • Energy generation and distribution
      • Environment and smart agriculture
      • Medical
      • Transportation



Corporate Timeline:

  • We are  an innovative  company at the leading edge of the technology who is looking at the future with passion.
    Introduction of the new generation of  high performance ARM computer 64 bits and parallel computing : The X-ball and the Spike ball platform.
  • New family of system platform: the Raspberry PI PInBALL platform, the Snapdragon 600 based Fireball platform, The IMX6-7 based Baseball platform.
  • 2nd generation of HaBA products.
  • Freescale i.MX6 and Xilinx Zynq 7000 dedicated products.
  • Graphic and 2G/3G extension board.
  • Development of Ubuntu and Android tablet.
  • First Home & Building Automation product (HaBA).
  • "Snowball" ST-Ericsson Cortex A9 single board computer. (Nomad project result).
  • Texas Instruments Cortex A8 embedded computer ( Tiny Formfactor).
  • Online-Shop opening.
  • Distributor in Singapore.
  • Joins MINALOGIC, Global competitive cluster for  Digital, Micro nanoelectronics, Software.
  • Collaborative project Nomad involving CEA, STM, Myriad and Movea.
  • First Atmel ARM926EJ-S based computers (USB Formfactor)
  • Distributor in USA.