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<<<<< Important Message from Igloo Community / Snowball SDK & PDK >>>>>

As the Snowball program is closing, so shall the Igloo Community services.

This includes everything under the the domain; wiki, forum, malinglists, git access, downloads…

Sites that are not under the domain are not (directly) affected (eg. Igloo Community on Launchpad).

The following data will be made available through other services:

The wiki contents will be partially imported to wiki.

Some of the open git repositories will be pushed to organization.

We are also looking into getting the mailing lists archived on mailing list archive sites.

The shutdown will happen at 9:00 UTC on 28.6.2013.

Thanks for participating.

<<<<< End of Message >>>>>

Developed Software for Snowball also continue to be available on Linaro.


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Last update : 02/07/2013 @ 17:05
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